4 Business Development Strategies That Will Amp Up Your Results


Let me ask you a few questions

— Are you not making the kind of money you want to make?  

— Is your month lasting longer than your income? 

— Do you not have the influence and freedom that you crave. 

Maybe it is because you don’t have the right business development strategy.

Well, there’s great news!

I am going to share with you my Four Quarters Business Development Strategy that just might put your business development strategy on steroids…and fast!  


The four quarters are:  

— Building a Powerful Strategic Plan 

— Crystallize and market a compelling Personal Brand 

— Recruit and build a Network of Superstars  

— Become a machine at maintaining contact with key centers of influence 


Build a Powerful Strategic Plan 

We’ve all heard that expression before, “Create your plan and then work your plan.”

I tell my clients all the time, “Business development is easy to figure out, but hard to do. The reason it's hard is because it requires effort, perseverance and thick skin. To be successful we must be willing to outwork the competition and handle massive rejection. 

My strategic plan includes four key components:

My Vision Statement – I need to know where I am going

Standards for Success – Rules to live by that challenge me to be better

Identification of my Blockers – The emotional obstacles that are keeping me inside my comfort zone

Goals  – Annual Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly & Daily

What kind of plan do you have? Do you even have one?


Crystallize and Market a Compelling Personal Brand 

Your personal brand is the word or phrase you want people to think of when they think of you (e.g. Smart, Trustworthy, Kind).

Everybody has a personal brand. It is either positive, negative or neutral. And, everything we do and say (or don’t do and don’t say) adds to or takes away from our personal brand credibility. 

What is your personal brand and is it the one you want? What are you doing to promote your personal brand with your target audience, so you become The Person to See with your target audience?



Recruit and Build a Network of Superstars 

It is analogous to buying a home. We do not want to be the most expensive house on the block. If we are, we have no place to go in terms of building equity. We want to get the least expensive house on the best block because this offers us the best opportunity to grow.

We should think about building our own networks in the same way. We always want to try to play above our level. This requires us to seek out and build relationships with people who are above us and can pull us up.

The two keys to making this happen are:

— The ball is in our court. These people are not sitting around and waiting for us. We must drive these relationships. Just like us, they are looking up so there focus is not on us, and

We must be able to provide the kind of value that would motivate them to invite us into their world's.


Become a Machine at Maintaining Contact with Key Centers of Influence

The average person needs to hear our messages six to eight times to remember it.

What kind of system do you have in place to effectively maintain contact with your superstars? How many superstars do you have in your rotation?  What is your strategy for going narrow and deep?

These are the questions we must answer and execute on if we must become masters at business development.


I speak from personal experience, if you master these Four Quarters of Business Development your results are guaranteed to start soaring!

If you want to put your business development on steroids, check out our business development program, The Box System.


Madison Giordano

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