Insights from One of America’s Top Sales Trainers, Steve Johnson

Posted by: Tim O'Brien

Sales is hard. In fact, if you can succeed in sales I believe there is a high likelihood you can succeed in just about any other profession.

These three facts alone tell you why there are so few super successful salespeople:

•    The level of rejection is brutal. 90% of all prospects will say “no.”
•    80% of all sales are made AFTER the 5th contact. Only 10% pf the people that reach out once actually hang in there to make the 5th contact.
•    Studies show that only 6 out of every 100 people have the drive necessary to succeed at sales.

Key Takeaways

•    The routine you need to follow if you want to be a superstar salesperson
•    The three strategies Steve uses daily to produce high quality clients
•    The profile of top tier salespeople
•    How to handle massive rejection and come out better, smarter, and stronger
•    What it takes to be a great sales coach today

If you want to find out if you have what it takes to be a superstar salesperson then tune into my interview with Steve Johnson and find out how he became the #1 salesman in the world for Dale Carnegie Seminars at the age of 30! You’ll also discover how Steve built his company Next Level Sales Consulting into a multi-million-dollar enterprise, training salespeople from some of America’s top companies.

Important links from this episode:

Books authored by Steve:
Outsell: If You are not Outselling You are Being Outsold
Selling is Everyone’s Business: What it Takes to Create a Great Salesperson
Next Level Sales Coaching: How to Build a Sales Team that Stays, Sells and Succeeds

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