Text Episode #9 – Three Strategies for Staying on Offense During COVID19

Posted by: Tim O'Brien

The way I see it, we have two options when it comes to COVID19: (1) Bitch and do nothing or (2) Find a way to stay on offense so that when things shift, and they will, we come out guns blazing!

I do recognize that this may not be easy because COVID 19 has been so disruptive to our business routine. But there still are things we can do to stay on offense.

Let me ask you something. Be honest. As I write this post we are in day 47 of this national lockdown. Reflecting back, have you made the most of your time? Have you improved your personal brand? Better positioned yourself to be to develop more new business? Have you solidified or even grown your network?

In this episode you will learn strategies that champions like Evander Holyfield used to stay ready so that when opportunity presented itself, he was ready to seize the moment.

Key Takeaways

•    How COVID19 may have redefined what staying on offense means today
•    The key to making the most of your time during lockdown
•    How to leverage the priority worksheet so that you make the most of your week
•    Using the Key to Do’s Card to set yourself up for success daily
•    Why so many people never get better and how to avoid this trap

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