The Best Sales Closing Technique for Any Salesperson

Do you ever wonder why you are not closing more sales? You feel like you are trying your best but nothing seems to be working? The solution to your problem may be simpler than you think. With my Feature, Bridge, Benefit formula, you will be closing big deals in no time. I will explain what this formula is and give a simple example as to how to implement it. 

So, you are in front of a prospect, you have discovered their needs and it is now your turn to solve their problem. Are you prepared? What do you say? 

Few salespeople understand how important it is to have the solutions to your customer's problems prepared before the meeting or sales call. “It's a lot easier to just wing it!” and that’s okay, then just continue to accept your “winging-it” results. 

The elite performers always have six to eight razor-sharp features and benefits of their product or service ready to go. These features and benefits can focus on the product/service, you personally and the team. The key is to have them rehearsed and ready to go. You must prepare these benefits for each call you have in order to appeal directly to your specific customer's needs.

My best sales closing technique is the Feature-Bridge-Benefit formula. This formula is similar to a boxer's one-two punch combination- a guaranteed power-house. Sometimes all it takes is a jab or tow to win. But other times, it takes the magic of a one-two combination to close out the sale. Why not always lead with your best punch?

The Feature-Bridge-Benefit Closing Formula is simple and easy to master. It can be just adding one simple sentence to your sales pitch. I have broken it down very simply for you below:


What’s a Feature? 

A feature is an element, component or quality of your service/product. It is something that sets you apart. Suppose you sell office furniture and you are pitching the sale of a new chair. One of the features maybe it has wheels or a reclining back or goes up and down smoothly.  These are the key features of the product/service. Identify all of the special features of the product or service you are selling.

What’s a Bridge? 

The Bridge connects the Feature to the Benefit. To make it simple, have your Bridge be the same every time. My go-to Bridge is, “And what this means to you is…” 

What’s a Benefit? 

The Benefit is the payoff to the customer. The value the customer gains because of the specific, unique features of your product/service. If one of the features of the chair is it has wheels, the benefit may be, “it is easy to push away from the desk to stand up” or “it is easy to pull the chair out from my desk to sit down” or “it is much easier to move around in your personal office space”. The key is to match the Feature to the specific need of the customer as much as possible. You have to alter your benefits to whom you are selling your product/service to. Not every customer will benefit from every feature in the same way. This is why preparation is key to this technique.


Putting it All Together 

Here’s is an example of how it looks… 

You ask, “Now that I understand a little bit more about your needs may I share a little bit more about how our product can help solve your concerns?”  

Assuming they say “yes” you respond as follows: 

“One of the features of our product is it's rolling wheels. What this means to you is, our chair make it easy to move around your personal office space.” 

You can go on to repeat variations of that sentence to explain more benefits of your product or service, but sometimes, sharing just one will do!


See? I told you it was simple. This technique can be utilized by adding just a single sentence to your closing. The power of this tool is behind the execution. Know who you are selling to, be prepared for the meeting, identify the needs of your customer, and target those needs. Many may know this sales closing technique, but I am here to tell you, only few will do the work to set themselves up to succeed. Which one are you? Be prepared and close more sales.


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Timothy OBrien