Using LinkedIn as a Powerful Networking Tool

Time-tested Formula


Below is a time-tested, nine-step formula one of my clients, who is a million-dollar plus producer year after year, uses to get just about any meeting he wants using LinkedIn.

1. Build out your profile as much as possible

– Get ranked as an all-star
– Post articles, testimonials any information that credentials you as THE expert
– Write your bio in the first person
– Make you headline catchy and, if possible, fascinating
– Manage your endorsements so they reflect your personal brand

2. ONLY link with people you have met in person. You may have to go back in and unlink from some people. This makes your database much more credible.

3. Every new prospect/client you meet send a LinkedIn request

4. Join whatever groups you are interested in (e.g. venture capitalists, CFO forum)

– After you join a group makes a post once or twice per week. When you do it sends out notification to everyone. Gets more views for your profile.

5. Under your Homepage start a discussion. Again, will get your profile viewed. Shows you are active

6. Start your own group. My guy and his partner started their own group and invited all their contacts to join. Do a post to your group a few times per month

7. Every other month rework something in your profile. When you do it notifies everyone in your network. More profile views

8. Make your LinkedIn profile part of your signature line in your emails

9. Getting meetings:

– Go to LinkedIn and log in as yourself. Go to the text box and type in who you want to meet. See who you have in common.
– Pick my strongest two connections and ask for introductions
– Offer to write the introductory email for them
– You need to follow up with people who say they will make introductions. People are busy. It is the old Jerry Maguire philosophy, “Help people help you.”
– Once the introduction is made to you, you need to take it from there. If you do not get the response you had hoped for do NOT become a stalker AND to not complain to the person who introduced you, “Your buddy did not call me back.” Be prepared to move on.